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Check Your Broken Links

Check Your Broken Links

Broken links, also known as dead links or link rot, are those links existed in a website or several of its web pages that are not able to be figured out or reached by the users. Indeed, the devastating issue of website broken link can be brought abou

Validate Your HTML Code

Validate Your HTML Code

Generally speaking, a website designed on the basis of coding standards will be in the access of various search engines with more ease. Therefore, it is better for you to use valid code in your site coding projects in order that the final website cou

Generate Your Sitemap

Generate Your Sitemap

Sitemap file is a file by which you can list all the pages existed on your site for search engines so that they will be able to crawl and index them better. To put it simply, the map of a website is actually a file containing a large number of URLs a


You have probably searched for some technical terms including “broken link checker”, “broken link finder”, “check my broken links”, “validation”, or “code validator” in search engines like Google and landed on this page. Anyway, your ultimate goal of this search has definitely been to check your web pages elements, specifically your links, that you are here right now. The good news is that fortunately, you have arrived at a reliable place since we have prepared various perfect online tools for you to get the best solutions in the easiest way. What you will be able to do in this website include:


1. Check Your Broken Links

Broken links, also know as dead links or 404 links are those links to which users cannot reach. Indeed, the devastating issue of website broken link can be brought about due to various reasons. Actually, the appearance of such links within websites is a natural, unstoppable process. Nevertheless, having too many dead links on a single page might indicate that a site is either neglected or abandoned. The possibility of broken links will increase as you refer more to your own or other people’s web pages. When a web page within your website contains broken links, your users can not get the required information they want. As a result, they will move on to a different site that can provide them the information they need. 

Online Broken Link Checker Online Broken Link Checker
However, there is no worry about this since our online link checker is strongly able to crawl all web pages available on your website to identify those with problematic links. Moreover, it will show you where the broken links are exactly located in your HTML code. Once the analysis is done, you will see a screen that contains page source and highlights the actual HTML tag containing the non-working URL, so that you can correct the desired link immediately and eventually repair your website very quickly. That way your visitors won't be faced with no obstacles in gaining their desired information. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to remove or update such links using our online broken link checker at the moment.

2. Validate HTML Code In Your Links

The act of checking a document file containing HTML code against coding universals set by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is called validation. All website owners and webmasters do the validation process with the purpose of making sure that their web pages’ code is free of any structural error. As matter of fact, if the web pages available in your website have not been coded properly and their code structure does not comply with W3C standards, your website will most likely suffer from errors or poor traffic owing to poor formatting and readability. But, don’t be panic; you can solve this problem through the use of HTML validators. Actually, an HTML validator, also know as HTML checker, help you make sure that the HTML code you wrote is 100% correct and complies with W3C standards set for HTML scripting.

Online HTML Validator Online HTML Validator
Why it is necessary to validate your code lies in the fact that an html code checker can point out any invalid HTML markup for you, letting you change or update the code to better meet the W3C standards. This is exactly what our online code validator does over your links. Our code checker analyzes and checks your links available in your web pages to see whether it follows the W3C formatting standards. In case any of your web pages have not been coded properly and their code structure does not comply with W3C standards, this intelligent online HTML checker not only informs you about that problem, but also determine the exact location of the links with structural errors in your HTML code.

3. Generate Sitemap For Your Website

A sitemap (also known as sitemap file or Google sitemap) is a file which provides a complete list of your URLs available throughout your web pages and linked to the entire pages you have within your website, as well. To put it simply, it is normally a text file which encloses the web addresses of all of your pages in your site and provides them for search engines’ robots. Using Google sitemap, you will be able to tell Googlebots and also the crawlers of all other major search engines what you want to be indexed.

Online Sitemap Generator Online Sitemap Generator
The sitemap generator tool presented in uses its exclusive crawlers to deeply analyze your URL list with the aim of creating the most suitable sitemap file (XML, HTML, or visual) for your website. This sitemap tool does what it is designed for: generating sitemap for whatever website you have, no matter what CMS it has, what subject it is about, and how big it is in terms of size. In this easy-to-use web-based tool, you will be able to make your sitemaps with very low costs since the crawlers of our sitemap generator toolcrawl and analyze all of your web pages just once. Moreover, the way our sitemap builder does the job removes any need for you to generate a new sitemap with the occurrence of any sort of change in the structure or the content of your web pages. Indeed, you make sitemap just once, and it will automatically be updated with whatever changes within your website URLs.

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