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Broken Link Checker

What Are Broken Links?

Broken links, also known as dead links or link rot, are those links existed in a website or several of its web pages that are not able to be figured out or reached by the users. Indeed, the devastating issue of website broken link can be brought about due to various reasons explained later on. When a web page contains broken links, the situation will be completely different. In case users try to access a broken link, an error message will be returned from the website server and displayed in the browser, indicating that the desired page does not exist or is not in access for any probable reason. This means that the link, document or image requested by the user may not really exist, or may be lost due to a malfunction, server or site configuration.

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Webmasters’ Task In Cases Of Broken Links

It is cut clear fact that the presence of dead link can be problematic for website users in various ways. Encountering with unreachable links, your users will feel frustrated about your website since they have definitely headed to your asset to get their desired information. What worsen the situation is that these users might decide to make use of your rivals to find the necessary information.

Online Link Checker Online Link Checker
All webmasters, including you, should accept the irresistible existence of bad links in the websites. Actually, the appearance of such links within the websites is a natural, unstoppable process. The possibility of broken links will increase as you refer more to your own or other people’s web pages. Believe it or not, you can not stop the existence of broken links; instead, you can take a more effective strategy: periodically monitoring their presence in the site alongside validating your HTML code.

Instances Of Broken Links

Here are some instances of broken links:
404 Page Not Found: the page/resource doesn’t exist on the server
400 Bad Request: the host server cannot understand the URL on your page
Bad Host: Invalid host name: the server with that name doesn’t exist or is unreachable
Bad URL: Malformed URL (e.g. a missing bracket, extra slashes, wrong protocol, etc.)
Bad Code: Invalid HTTP response code: the server response violates HTTP spec
Empty Page: the host server returns “empty” responses with no content and no response code
500 Internal Server Error: the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is
504 Timeout: HTTP requests constantly timed out during the link check

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What Are The Signals Of Broken Links In A Website?

The worst thing with broken links is that they are invisible. You often do not follow your links or write a record; they are published and forgotten. A year or two passes and some of the forgotten links have become broken. However, broken links may appear within your web pages for various reasons (signals), and we are going to identify some of the main ones in the following:

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده
1. When you make a link from other pages of your website to totally-removed pages.

2. When a change of domain name, site structure, or page activity status occurs in the site to which you linked. For example, suppose that an insecure website is moved to a HTTPS domain name, and no redirects is configured. Here, all links from your site to the previous version of the very website (without https) will counted as broken links.

3. If your site has an automatic update of content or contain specific data from an external source.

4. When your site is updated technically or visually and the content is transferred completely to a new structure. In such cases, broken links inevitably appear because of inability of technical algorithms to take into account all the nuances of moving page content.

5. When you add an incorrect URL within the structure of your site.

6. When you change the structure of your site URL without creating any redirect.

7. When you link from a certain web page to content (PDF, Google Doc, video, etc.) that has been moved or deleted.

8. When there are broken elements within the page (HTML, CSS, Javascript, or CMS plugins interference).

Why Are Broken links So Bad For Your SEO?

In the world of search engines, links to or within websites are considered as an important criterion for assessing their quality. Your website position in the SERPs is definitely influenced by inbound/outbound and internal links. Due to this fact, it is the best practice to either remove or update broken links.

Broken links will affect your website rank in the SERPs and you must always have a website link checker, as ours, by your side; however, they won’t impact your overall SEO. Even Apple website contains about 2000 URLs with 9 failed responses, not meaning that Apple will start losing their ranks. Nevertheless, having too many broken links on a single page might indicate that a site is either neglected or abandoned. In the following, you will be familiar with the reasons why broken links are the enemies of your website SEO quality.

1. User Experience 1. User Experience
When you solve the problem of the website broken link, you can add context to your website, improve user experience, and make content within your website easier for visitors and search engines to discover. Suppose you go on a website for your desired information. You see a link over there and click on it for more information, but the destination is a deadlock. How will you feel in that situation? Yes, you must always see yourself in users’ position since the same is the case for the real visitors of your website. When actual users go to your site, they might not be as forgiving. This will inevitably reduce your reputation.

2. SERP Ranking 2. SERP Ranking
Thanks to algorithms changes, search engines are able to understand whether there are some broken links within a website or not. They regard your website as a low quality one if you have too many dead links within your web pages. Indeed, you cannot forget about the search engines. What happens if search engines crawlers face a page full of broken links whenever they head to your website? How will these bots conclude about such a website? Simply, they assume that you do not neither update the content nor watch the relevance of the information within your web pages, and will consequently cut down your rank in the search engines result pages.

3. Bounce Rate 3. Bounce Rate
Normally users assess your website based on usability, experience, load time and content. If they encounter broken links whenever visiting your site and cannot access their desired information, they will move on to a different site that can provide them the information they need. The less time they spend on your site, the higher the bounce rate.

How To Find And Fix Broken Links In The Easiest Way?

As said above, you can not fight against the existence of broken links, but if you want to decrease the disastrous effects of these pitfalls, you should periodically check for broken linksfind 404 links on your entire website and do you best to fix them. Now, you may have the mental concern about how you should find and remove these dead links from your website. The good news is that you are not alone in this road since we have prepared a reliable easy-to-use broken link checker tool by which you will be able to solve this irritating problem. So, here is the tool to help you figure out broken links throughout your site.

Broken Link Finder Broken Link Finder
This intelligent online broken link checker not only informs you about the existence of broken links (bad links) within your web pages, but also determine the exact location of those links in your HTML code. Thanks to this trait, our professional 404 link checker makes you able to easily find bad URLs and remove/fix them in the twinkling of an eye.

This online link checker only focuses on those links of your website that are really broken and damaging your SEO. This fabulous feature has made our online broken link checker tool stands out among other popular tools which list both good and bad links all mixed together. What is more, the online broken link finder checks your entire web pages in one request and presents the comprehensive report with just $2. Hurry up; just enter your website URL bellow or at the top of this page and enjoy your life!