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How to check broken links in a website?

You'd better monitor your web pages periodically to figure out the existence of any probable broken link and then, remove or update those bad links. Enter your website URL below and get started to find where broken links are exactly located:

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Broken Link Finder

Find Broken Links And Fix Them As Easy As Possible!

Before digging into the discussion, you are required to accept that the process of broken links is non-stoppable in nature, meaning that you cannot stand against this occurrence in your website. What you can do is to monitor your web pages periodically to figure out the existence of any probable broken link and then, remove or update those bad links. However, as you may know, finding broken links in every single web page is not that much easy task, and definitely you need reliable tools to help you in this way.

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Link Checker Tool Link Checker Tool
We promise you are not alone in doing this daunting job. The reason behind this claim is that our online broken link checker is a sort of professional tool which is capable of not only just telling you which of your links has become broken, but also determining the exact location of those bad links in your HTML code. Indeed, owning this feature, our link checker makes it so easy for webmasters to find broken links on website and clean up them in no time. Due to the very feature, this new online broken link finder has got the great chance to stand out among other available problem detection tools. It has never been so easy to locate and fix dead web links!

This online broken link checker tool only focuses on those links of your website that are really broken and damaging your SEO. This fabulous feature has made our tool stands out among other popular tools which list both good and bad links all mixed together. What is more, online broken link checker tool analyzes your entire web pages in one request and presents the comprehensive report with just $2.

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Why Broken Links Are So Bad For Your SEO?

In the world of search engines, links to or within websites are considered as an important criterion for assessing their quality. Your website position in the SERPs is definitely influenced by inbound/outbound and internal links. Due to this fact, it’s best practice to either remove or update your dead links.

Broken links will affect your website rank in the SERPs; however, they won’t impact your overall SEO. Nevertheless, having too many broken links on a single page might indicate that a site is either neglected or abandoned. In the following, you will read about the reasons why 404 links are the enemies of your website SEO quality.

A. User Experience

When you solve the problem of broken links, you can add context to your website, improve user experience, and make content within your website easier for visitors and search engines to discover. Suppose you go on a website for your desired information. You see a link over there and click on it for more information, but the destination is a deadlock. How will you feel in that situation? Yes, you must always see yourself in users’ position since the same is the case for the real visitors of your website. When an actual user goes to your site, they might not be as forgiving. This will inevitably reduce your reputation.

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B. SERP Ranking

Thanks to algorithms changes, search engines are able to understand whether there are some dead links within a website or not. They regard such websites with too many broken links as a low quality one. What really happens if search engines bots face your website full of link rot whenever indexing it? How will these bots conclude about such a website? Simply, they assume that you do not neither update the content nor observe the relevance of the information within your web pages, and will consequently reduce your rank in the search engines result pages (SERPs).

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C. Bounce Rate

Normally users assess your website based on usability, experience, load time and content. If they encounter broken links whenever visiting your site and cannot access their desired information, they will move on to a different site that can provide them the information they need. The less time they spend on your site, the higher the bounce rate.

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Why Do You Need Our Online Broken Link Checker?

Unfortunately, it has been very hard to recognize which of the existed links (internal or external) in a website is broken and damaging the SEO. The sole reason is attributed to lack of adequate problem detection tools. What is worse is that fixing the problem of broken links are even harder since for these bad links to be cleared, you need to know the precise location of the broken linking tag in the HTML code. Obviously, if you are determined to manually do the task on your own and without using any special tool, you will have to scrutinize all your code lines to identify the exact links became broken.

Site Link Checker Site Link Checker
To remove all the pitfalls discussed above, you need something more than your own attempt. This is where ouronline broken link finder comes to the scene. Fortunately, this professional link checker is strongly able to crawl all web pages available on your website to identify those with problematic links. Moreover, it will show you where the broken links are exactly located in your HTML code. Once the analysis is done, you will see a screen that contains page source and highlights the actual HTML tag containing the non-working URL, so you can correct the wanted link immediately and eventually repair your website very quickly. That way your visitors won't be faced with no obstacles in gaining their desired information.

All you need to do to check your website links and make the available web pages free of broken links is to enter your website URL in the field provided below or at the top of the page and click on the “Get Started” button. After that, you are required to sit back on your chair and wait for the analysis to complete. What is more, you can validate your HTML code formatting in our tool. Take advantages of real comfort right now!