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XML File Generator

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sitemap file

What Is A Sitemap File?

Sitemap is a file by which you can list all the pages existed on your site for search engines so that they will be able to crawl and index them better. To put it simply, website map is actually a file containing a large number of URLs and its main function is to provide information on how a URL perform on the site, how often it is changed, how significant it is as compared to other URLs in the site, and so on.

The Significance Of Sitemap Creation

make a sitemap file

Before you get your sitemap via our sitemap creation tool, we let you know why is it necessary to create one of them for your website. First and for most, sitemap creation allows search engines to find and analyze your website in a more efficient way. Definitely you feel like that all of your intended pages to be crawled and indexed by search engines. Some pages, however, might not be reached easily as their URL does not end up with any internal links pointing to them. A sitemap creator online lists all important pages existed in your website and allows search engines (such as Google) to efficiently crawl them throughout a logical web-based structure. Second, by generating a sitemap for a website, search engines will be informed of any sort of change in your website content in less than a minute. In addition, you can provide search engines with the data about how frequently a page is likely to be changed. Third, sitemap making will let you determine the priority and significance of a certain URL/list of URLs to the others and tell it directly to search engine bots. Therefore, it is very necessary for to build XML sitemap if you are determined to boost your website traffic.

Types Of Sitemap File

Xml Sitemap

On the basis of the Sitemap protocol, sitemaps should be coded and uploaded to the web server of your site as an XML document. XML is a simple code designed for no one, but search engine crawlers. Indeed, the main purpose of XML sitemap file is to generate useful information about the URLs existed on the site, including their relationship and importance to each other, their priority for the webmaster of the site, and times they are updated.
This kind of sitemap consists of URLs to all of the individual pages within a website and paves the way for crawlers to analyze and crawl them better. The code of this sitemap is very sensitive and precise as any error in the process of sitemap XML file creation is not neglected by search engines and can lead to terrible results. Using XML sitemap, you can be sure that whenever users search a relevant query in search engines, every warp and woof of your website will be processed and reached by crawlers. This can improve the position of your links in SERPs and gain more traffic to your website.

Html Sitemap

This type of sitemap is constructed for users of the website so as to let them find and reach to their desired web pages present on your site with more ease. In fact, html sitemap file can be beneficial for both the users and search engine crawlers since it helps them locate web content on a certain site. In addition, the whole structure of site can be given throughout html sitemap. As it is accessible for the users, its interface can be adorned by adding some light CSS so as to look more beautiful and absorbing. Keep in mind that although the html sitemap file can be seen by Google bots, it is not supported by Google Webmaster Tools since the only valid format allowed to be submitted to the Search Console is xml sitemap file.

Professional Features Of Our Online Sitemap Generator

sitemap file creation tool

Sitemap File Generator

You can easily make your sitemap file in any desired format with the aid of hexseotools.com professional generator. All you need to do is to list those pages you want to be in your sitemap file and select your desired format. The final sitemap can be generated as a plain XML document, which can be placed in the root directory of your website, or as a HTML page with the possibility to be enhanced by some CSS. Once you do so, our intelligent sitemap tool analyzes the URL of each page and starts to crawl them automatically. It is worth saying that it takes less than 2 minutes for the tool to completely crawl 1000 URLs. Also, our sitemap maker tool gives you the chance to enjoy the following bonus facilities:

Other Bonus Options

Sitemap submission
• Update and crawl timing
• Complete list of internal and external links
• Complete list of erroneous links
• List of redirect links
Broken link complete list
• Complete analysis of link building within and between URLs
• Complete analysis over the distance of different pages from the homepage
• Anchor text list
• Different warnings in links 
• Crawling control center
• Periodical report over the site performance

Hexseotools Sitemap Builder

Sitemap File Builder Sitemap File Builder
We honestly recommend you to generate the required sitemap for your website via hexseotools.com professional sitemap generation tool as it provides you with different formats of sitemap file alongside other useful bonus options. Using the sitemap file generated by our tool, you will be able help search engines especially Google to find and crawl your site better. What is more, users, with the aid of our sitemap file, will feel comfortable while going around your website since they can navigate throughout the site and locate where they are with great ease. It is worth trying. Enjoy it.