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A Structuralized Blogger

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You can create sitemap for blogger using our XML sitemap generator for blogger. All you have to do is just type the full address of your desired blog, press “Create” and then you will own your exclusive sitemap for blogger. Just in less than 2 minute

Want A Well-organized Online Store?

Want A Well-organized Online Store?

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A Flexible Sitemap Tool

The Best Sitemap Tool For Creating Your Sitemap

If you have searched different phrases like “sitemap tool”, “sitemap generator tool”, “website sitemap tool”, “sitemap creation tool”, and “XML sitemap tool” in the query box of Google and leaded to the present page, then we shall say that you have reached the right place as in the next 20 minutes you are going to be informed of the entire story of “sitemap tool”.

* In this post, you're going to read about:
- The Definition Of Sitemap Tool
- Sitemap Tool Tasks
- The Way A Sitemap Tool Is Used
- Hexseotool Sitemap Generator Tool
- Sitemap Submission Feature
- Options Of Our Sitemap Tool

sitemap tool

What Is A Sitemap Tool?

Sitemap Generator Tool Sitemap Generator Tool
A sitemap tool is a technically based generator tool which is designed to automatically generate a structured list of pages, files and content available on your website. Developing your website project, you need to introduce the URLs, over which your pages have been set, to Google in order to be crawled and indexed by Google bots, making a remarkable traffic to the site. As you may know the only way to achieve this goal is to have a well-organized sitemap file, and this is what a sitemap generation tool is designed for.

What Does A Sitemap Creator Tool Do For You?

Obviously, you can manually make a sitemap file on your own or ask a developer or programmer to code it for your website. Unfortunately, it would be a daunting and also very time-consuming process for you to get the sitemap file this way. The good news is that you can create the required sitemap file automatically via a sitemap builder tool. What you need to do is to select those URLs you want to be in Google index and introduce them to the sitemap creation tool to get the final sitemap file.

How Is A Sitemap Tool Used?

Removing the need to do the bothering task of writing a sitemap script by hand, sitemap generation tools provide the chance for webmasters (or simply website owners) to create their desired sitemap files easily. With the aid of what sitemap maker tools provide, webmasters will be able to quickly build sitemap for their assets, which can easily be introduced and submitted to major search engines, especially Google.

sitemap building tool

online sitemap creation tool

In addition, drawing on what a sitemap generation tool, webmasters can make sure that the provided URLs will be visible and in access for Google bots and also check whether they are well-structured and have an acceptable performance in the SERPs. Definitely it takes a lot of time to develop a website alongside the required content, and this time will surely be useless if Google did not crawl and index your content efficiently. Using an XML sitemap tool, you will be able to make sure that all your important web pages are indexed by Google crawlers and displayed in the SERPs, as result, when the relevant keywords are searched by the users.

Hexseotools.com Sitemap Generator Tool

Online Sitemap Maker Tool Online Sitemap Maker Tool
The sitemap generator tool presented in Hexseotools.com uses its exclusive crawlers to deeply analyze your URL list with the aim of creating the most suitable sitemap file (XML, HTML, or visual) for your website. This sitemap tool does what it is designed for: creating sitemap for whatever website you have, no matter what CMS it has, what subject it is about, and how big it is in terms of size. In this easy-to-use web-based tool, you will be able to make your sitemaps with very low costs since the crawlers of Hexseotools.com generator tool crawl and analyze all of your web pages just once. Moreover, the way our sitemap builder tool does the job removes any need for you to generate a new sitemap with the occurrence of any sort of change in the structure or the content of your web pages. Indeed, you create sitemap just once, and it will automatically be updated with whatever changes within your website URLs.

Submission Feature Of Sitemap Building Tool

It should be mentioned that you do not have to directly upload the sitemap generated by our sitemap tool to Google Search Console since our sitemap submission feature is designed to do this job for you. When the creation process of your sitemap file is finished, it will be stored alive and fully active in the dashboard of your profile in our sitemap generator tool. What you really receive is a link which is produced exclusively for each of your websites, and you should insert it in the provided robot.txt file in Google Webmaster Tools. This way, Google will have full access to your sitemap file alongside any updated data on demand; therefore, you can be sure that all of your recently added or changed files, pages, or content will be recognized and indexed by Google bots.

sitemap creation tool

sitemap tool features

Sitemap Generator Bonus Features

Beside creating sitemap file, our sitemap generator tool is cable of providing you with the following extra options.

1. Image/Video Sitemap

You can use our image/video sitemap creator tool, no matter how many photos or videos you have on your site. In this way, you can easily add images and videos to the normal XML sitemap created before through the use of some specific tags provided in our sitemap generator tool.

Our image/video sitemap creator tool determines significant parameters such as Caption, Title, Location, and License to each particular image or video that were added to the sitemap. Indeed, these tags tell the search engines the additional data about the images and videos you have in your site.

With our sitemap tool capabilities, you can add photos or videos uploaded to different auxiliary servers right to your sitemap on the main server. It is worth saying that all features of image/video sitemap building tool are provided to you in a non-free platform even for less than 500 URLs.

2. Visual Sitemap Tool

The sitemap file generated by our sitemap creation tool will be displayed in tree diagram or drop-down chart as you mind.

3. Update And Crawl Timing

The control of updating URLs list and crawling period time is customizable. You can change it between hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

4. Link Evaluation

• A list of all of internal links within your site pages
• The bulk of external links (from your website to the others)
• A list of broken links including links with 500, 403, 503, and 504 errors, and loop directions.
• The whole list of 301 Redirect links
• The complete list of 302 Redirect links
• The entire list of 404 error
• Information over pages with exceeding number of internal links
• The full list of pages with far few internal links
• The catalogue of pages with big distance from the homepage
• The exact number of anchor texts within the site accompanied with other related precious data.

5. Link Warning

• tags with empty anchor text
• tags whose anchor text is an image with invalid URL
• tags whose anchor text is an image with no Alt text
• tags with invalid anchor text (It should be either a short piece of text or an image. Using whatever html tags other than text or image in the anchor text is totally invalid.)
• tags with no href
• tags with empty href
• tags whose href= "#"
• tags with deficient URL (The valid URL to be used in href should be complete and start with http or https)

6. Analysis Report

The current sitemap tool will create an analysis report that provides you with a plenty of valuable information on your site operation in terms of link building efficiency and site structure. You can receive this data which via your mail box hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.